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How can you make your vote count in the 2008 election when your vote was never counted on the Red Plan?

Legislative candidates

Three legislative candidates who oppose a vote on the Red Plan are up for reelection. 

Tom Huntley, Mary Murphy, and City councilor Roger Reinert. They are all being opposed by candidates who would reintroduce a bill requiring a vote on the Red Plan before allowing it to proceed. Recently Governor Tim Pawlenty reversed himself and pledged to sign such a bill into law. This can only happen if one of the pro voting candidates gets elected.

The operational levy

Let Duluth Vote takes no stand on the 2008 oprational levy. Unlike the Red Plan it is destined for the classroom except that a good portion of it may and probably will be used to help pay for the Red Plan despite the Superintendent's denials.

Voters will be asked to vote for one of three tax levels or "tiers." They can vote yes on all three or no on all three. Unless the lowest level, a $365/pupil renewal of the 2003 levy gets a majority of yeses none of the tiers will pass. Many voter will take this opportunity to vote against the Red Plan even though it is only an indirect vote.

Signing petitions

A recall petition has been suggested by Harry Welty but after further research Harry admits that this may not be possible. However, a petition of no confidence in the board members who have pushed ahead with  the Red Plan, while not being enforceable, may give voters who want to vote for the operational levy while disapproving of the Red Plan one way to demonstrate their feelings without "punishing the children." It would be symbolic but powerful.

Its possible that a new petition calling for an even smaller Plan C could be circulated. Most of the members of Let Duluth Vote were never happy about their $194 million Plan B petition because it was too large. A committee is now desigining a Plan B proposal to take to the state for approval and a referendum vote. They could also submit a smaller Plan C proposal to the state but only if 3,000 voters sign a petition for a smaller plan C.

Challenging the theft of your vote in Court-  One in five gives five.

If one in five Duluth voters was willing to donate $5 to a legal challenge of the Red Plan that would be over $20,000 enough to ask the courts. "Is it legal to deny voters in Minnesota Cities of the First Class second class voting rights in defiance of the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment which demands that there be "equal protection of the law?" All other Minnesota citizens could have voted on a Red Plan but not those in the big cities.

We may ask voter on election day to be one in five to give us five to find out. If our Constitutional rights have been violated the Red Plan would be proven illegal and it would be killed.

If you care about Duluth and its schools 
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