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Harry Welty will bring a proposal to circulate a petition to recall School Board members to the next LDV meeting.

Here's his press release:

For immediate release:
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Harry Welty will announce his plans to circulate a petition to recall some school board members at tonight’s school board meeting because of their insistence on pursuing the Red Plan despite widespread community opposition. He will ask the people attending the next meeting of Let Duluth Vote at 6:30pm, this Thursday Sept. 18th, at the Duluth Height’s Community Club, for their approval to proceed with the petition and ask for volunteers to circulate it.

The petition may only be symbolic because Minnesota Statutes do not easily allow for the removal of school board members but Welty intends to research this point of law. “We know from the fiasco over our last petition that the School District’s lawyers are quite capable of misinterpreting the law,” said Welty. The District was advised by its lawyers that the plan B petition was invalid only to have that decision overruled by the Minnesota Attorney General. “But even if it is only symbolic,” Welty added, “People in this community need to express their frustration with this Board. For the moment all voters can do is vote “no” on all three questions on the District’s operational levy request. Signing our petition will allow voters who vote “no” to all three levy questions on the ballot to make it clear that it is the School Board not our schools that they oppose.”

Welty will be looking for volunteer petitioners to stand shifts near each polling site throughout the November 4th, General Election. "It will be a one-day recall campaign," Welty says. He will also encourage signers to make a five dollar contribution for legal challenges to the Red Plan should the recall petition not be enforceable.

According to Welty, “The sooner we kill or scale back the Red Plan, the sooner we can go back to voters and ask them for money for the classroom.”

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