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All students or residents who intend to vote in the Municipal and School Board General Election on November 6, 2007, should make plans now.


If a student or resident is interested in registering, to vote in the November election, WITHOUT ANY FURTHER IDENTIFICATIONS AS IS REQUIRED FOR ELECTION DAY REGISTRATION, voter registration cards must be received in the City Clerk=s Office by 4:30 p.m. on October 16, 2007.  Registration cards can be secured at any of the following locations:

City Clerk's Office, 330 City Hall, 411 W. 1st St.                Fire Hall No. 7 ( Duluth Hts.), 1419 Maple Grove Rd.

Fire Hall No. 2 ( Lincoln Park ), 2627 W. Superior St.           Fire Hall No. 8 ( West Duluth ), 5830 Grand Ave.

Fire Hall No. 4 (UMD area), 425 W. College St.                Fire Hall No. 10, (Gary‑New Duluth), 1106 Commonwealth

Fire Hall No. 5 (Park Point), 2138 Minnesota Ave.              Fire Hall No. 11, ( Woodland ), 3501 Woodland Ave.

Fire Hall No. 6 (Lester Park), 1031 N. 51st Ave. E.            Main Library & all branch libraries.

The Registration Card can also be downloaded and printed out on the Internet at:

                             IF ONE DOES NOT REGISTER TO VOTE BY OCTOBER 16:

If a student or resident, DOES NOT register by October 16, 2007 , they will NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE unless they can register on election day, Tuesday, November 6, at their correct polling site, by one of the limited means of identification allowed by Minnesota Statutes:

1.   Valid Minnesota driver's license or learner's permit (or receipt for either) SHOWING THEIR DULUTH ADDRESS IN THE PRECINCT.

2.   Valid Minnesota identification card (or receipt) SHOWING THEIR DULUTH ADDRESS IN THE PRECINCT.

3.   The OATH OF A DULUTH REGISTERED VOTER IN THE SAME PRECINCT who can vouch for the person=s residence.

4.   College students may use a current student fee statement THAT CONTAINS THE STUDENT'S VALID DULUTH ADDRESS IN THE PRECINCT together with a PICTURE IDENTIFICATION CARD.

5.   A bill for electric, natural gas, water, solid waste, telephone or cable television service with a due date within 30 days of election day THAT CONTAINS THE VOTER=S NAME AND CURRENT DULUTH ADDRESS AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING THAT CONTAINS THE VOTER=S NAME AND PHOTOGRAPH:

-   MN driver=s license or MN ID card

-   US passport

-   US military ID card

-   ID card of a post secondary school in Minnesota

-   Tribal ID

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